Maître de Conf.
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  • 2009 - Ph.D. in humanoid robotics from Montpellier II university (advisors: Abderrahmane KHEDDAR (JRL AIST/CNRS lab) and François PIERROT (LIRMM lab))
  • 2005 - M.Sc. in mechatronics from ENSMM engineer school (Besançon, France)

Appointments held

Scientific/academic leadership

Service to the community

  • Reviewer of international conferences: IEEE ICRA, IEEE IROS, Eurohaptics, SIGGRAPH, ACM VRIC, IEEE AIM, TMCE, CAD, IEEE VR, IEEE ITSC
  • Reviewer of international journals: IEEE Transactions on Robotics, Journal of Intelligent and Robotics Systems, Presence, Simulation Modeling Practice and Theory, Transportation Research Part F, Virtual Reality, IEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology
  • Program committee member ACM VRIC 2015, ACM VRIC 2019, ISD 2019 (track chair)
  • Scientific committee member DSC since 2016, program co-chair DSC since 2016, organization team member DSC since 2016

Campus de Cluny

  • Automatique 2e année (systèmes échantillonnés, formalisme d'état)

Institut Image

  • Systèmes interactifs
  • Numérisation 3D
  • Expérimentations scientifiques
  • Défi Chal'enge


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